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Make an Ethical Difference

An interview with Mark Pastin about his new book.

Compliance Resource Group

Consultative services are provided by Compliance Resource Group. Inc.

Health Ethics Trust

Excellence in Healthcare Compliance since 1995.

Best Practices Forum

Since 1995, the Health Trust has hosted the Healthcare Compliance Best Practices Forum.

About the Council

The Council of Ethical Organizations is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting ethical and legal conduct in business, government and the professions. The Council pursues this purpose through educational programs, research and publications on best practices, and program development efforts. The Council is the recognized leader in bringing practical knowledge to bear on ethics and compliance issues affecting organizations.

Compliance Resource Group, Inc.

Compliance Resource Group, seek Inc. is the consulting and advisory subsidiary of the Council of Ethical Organizations. CRG is comprised of compliance specialists committed to providing exceptional compliance consulting services to its clients. CRG is equipped to provide you with the guidance, page tools and services necessary to create, implement and sustain an effective corporate compliance and integrity program. The goal of CRG is to promote and foster ethical business practices with clients who share a commitment to high standards of ethical and legal conduct.

Health Ethics Trust

Health Ethics Trust (HET) was established as a division of the Council of Ethical Organizations in 1995 in response to growing ethics and compliance concerns in healthcare. The purpose of HET is to assist healthcare organizations committed to ethical and legal conduct through advisory services, medical educational programs, training program design and delivery, hotline support and training, survey research on ethics and compliance issues, and shared resources. HET’s on-going research program includes an extensive study of healthcare compliance programs and best practices.
A non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting ethical and legal conduct.