Services and research efforts provided by the Council of Ethical Organizations are designed to meet the practical needs of organizations seeking to implement effective ethics and compliance programs.

The Ethics-Compliance Survey

The Ethics-Compliance Survey is an empirically validated survey instrument designed to allow organizations to assess their own compliance environments. (The Council also employs the survey to advance its own research on effective compliance practices.) The survey has been administered to healthcare organizations of all types for a decade. Each administration allows an organization to assess the responsiveness of employees to ethical and professional standards, the responsiveness of employees to organizational policies, the willingness of employees to utilize internal reporting channels, and employee perception of the organization’s compliance climate. Additional topics may be explored to fit the needs of particular organizations.

Compliance Resource Group, Inc. (CRG)

Compliance Resource Group, Inc. is a consulting and advisory group of compliance specialists committed to providing its clients with the guidance and tools and services necessary to create, implement and sustain an effective corporate compliance and integrity program. The goal of CRG is to promote and foster ethical business practices with clients who share a commitment to high standards of ethical and legal conduct. CRG is a subsidiary of the Council of Ethical Organizations.

Courses & Conferences

Our programs deliver practical skills and information to those with ethics and compliance responsibilities. Programs are limited in enrollment and are conducted by individuals with senior corporate, governmental and advisory experience. Our programs provide the opportunity to interact with corporate and governmental leaders in a collaborative environment that is always vendor-free. Most programs are offered in both public and organization-specific (custom) formats. Click here for a listing of current courses being offered by the Council’s healthcare division, the Health Ethics Trust.

Advisory Services

The Council provides comprehensive advisory services to member and non-member organizations committed to ethical and legal conduct. In some situations, the Council works in partnership with an organization to develop a new industry or industry segment model or application. In other cases, services are provided through the Council’s consultative subsidiary, Compliance Resource Group, Inc.

Speakers Bureau

Council principals and associated speakers provide keynote and session presentations. Broad topic coverage from general and motivational topics to specific ethics and compliance issues and topics.

Benchmarking: Research on Current Compliance Practices

On an on-going basis, the Council surveys compliance professionals and other leaders regarding compliance program activities such as employee training, physician training, background checks, hotline practices, etc. The Council publishes the results on its web site and industry publications.

Codes of Conduct / Ethics and Compliance Policies

The Council maintains model code statements on all code of conduct topics, related policies, compliance risk areas, and specialized models for functional areas. Codes based on the Council’s model statements are currently in force in over one hundred Fortune 500 companies, government bodies and healthcare organizations.

The Hotline

The Council assists organizations with hotline services by establishing, operating and documenting the performance of hotlines. The Council also operates hotlines for organizations with special needs and provides hotline support services, including training for hotline personnel.

Video Training Assistance

The Council can provide scripting and production services for the development of ethics videos and other media for training, orientation and outreach efforts.