About the Council

The Council of Ethical Organizations

The Council of Ethical Organizations is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting ethical and legal conduct in business, government and the professions. The Council pursues this purpose through educational programs, research and publications on best practices, and program development efforts. The Council is the recognized leader in bringing practical knowledge to bear on ethics and compliance issues affecting organizations.

The goal of every Council effort is improving overall organizational effectiveness by integrating ethics and legal compliance in an organization’s processes and culture. Our principals have addressed ethics and compliance issues in complex situations since 1980.

Related entities include the, Compliance Resource Group, Inc., and Foundation for Ethical Organizations. The Health Ethics Trust is an interest group of Council members from all sectors of healthcare dedicated to advancing ethical conduct through shared information. The Compliance Resource Group, Inc. applies Council research and knowledge to specific issues for organizations and professional groups. The Foundation for Ethical Organizations supports ethics-related causes and activities, with a commitment to programs affecting youth.

Council activities serve corporations, government bodies, non-profits, and professional associations in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia.